Private Company Monitoring

Reporting, Dashboarding and Advisory

Technology-enabled performance reporting fully customized for your portfolio companies

We realized through our experience that there is no “one size fits all” technology solution for alternative investors, so we created our own solution.

Portfolio Company Reporting

We work with your portfolio companies to engineer reporting and information solutions, to ensure your team receives regular updates on key performance indicators, investment returns, buyer universe, sale readiness, risk areas, and diligence recommendations.


Investment Returns

Company valuation and returns, both absolute and relative to industry sector.

Key Performance Indicators

Company-specific KPIs and our proprietary Clarity Index, along with commentary; and external sector and macro discussion

Buyer Universe

Develop targeted list of relevant sponsors, strategics, and family offices; along with status of all active conversations

Sale Readiness

Data room completeness along with process Gantt chart

Risk Area Identification

Company-specific and external risk factors, identified and prioritized

Diligence Recommendation

Suggested areas to delve deeper or potentially hire area-specific experts to assist
Performance Dashboards


We stand up bespoke dashboards to view portfolio company key performance indicators and returns on both desktop and mobile, with a secure and dedicated app for each portfolio company.


Capitalization or Liquidity Advisory and Representation

We help position and prepare your portfolio company for capitalization, business combinations, or liquidity event, and provide best in class advisory and representation during these critical company life-cycle events.

Do you know how your portfolio companies are performing?

Capital Clarity utilizes its extensive experience and background in portfolio company operations and fund management to do a deep dive into your portfolio companies and measure performance against critical KPIs. We can show you warning signs before problems happen.

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