Weekly Roundup 7.20 – 7.24

News | July 24th, 2020

💻🔒 Mitiga, an Israeli cloud security startup, has raised $7 million in seed funding for its incident readiness and response tech stack. Its users span a wide range of sectors such as banking, eCommerce, and pharmaceuticals. Link to article Source: Tech.eu, Musgrove, 2020 

💻📈 With the potential to be India’s first digital-age public upstart, fintech startup Policybazaar is looking to go public in 2021 at a valuation exceeding $3.5 billion. The company specializes in insurance, hoping to combat the lackluster coverage currently pervading India. Link to article Source: Yahoo Finance, Rai, 2020 

📱🔒 After a cybersecurity breach exposed more than 130 Twitter accounts, the company vowed to add more security protocols to combat hacking attempts. An investigation is ongoing regarding who was behind the attack. Link to article Source: Cointelegraph, David, 2020  

💻🏥 Dedalus, an Italian based healthcare software provider, announced the acquisition of DXC Technology’s software solutions division. The deal will enable Dedalus to operate in 40 countries worldwide, becoming a premiere global HCIT provider. Link to article Source: Healthcare IT News, Mageit, 2020 

👤📈 Looking to enhance employee sentiment and morale, HCM company Paycor has launched Paycor Pulse, a tool utilizing NLP A.I. to turn written data into exclusive insights on employee satisfaction. The implementation will offset tedious employee surveys and improve the number of leaders who are satisfied with the methods they use to measure employee sentiment, which currently sits at 16%. Link to article Source: Globenewswire, Paycor, 2020  

📱🛒 A survey of 2,000 US consumers revealed interesting trends in eCommerce from COVID-19. Link to article Source: Multi Channel Merchant, Thomann, 2020 

💻📈 Based in San Francisco, fintech startup Jirav raised $8.3 million for its financial planning software. The company helps customers monitor, analyze, and forecast their finances. Link to article Source: GeekWire, Soper, 2020 

📱🔒 Hoping to combat future security threats, Apple has released special iPhones to select individuals that will make it easier to find vulnerabilities in the device and report back to the team of engineers. This move offers researchers an “under-the-hood” look at apple devices. Link to article Source: TechCrunch, Whittaker, 2020 

 💻🏥 The switch to online general practitioners has the potential to save employers $1.7 billion in lost time. Had online practices been implemented at the start of 2019, facetoface arrangements could have been reduced by 50 million. Link to article Source: Healthcare IT News, Lovell, 2020 

 📱🛒 Goldman Sachs has updated their stance on eCommerce, stating the industry will grow 19% each year over the next three years. Companies shifted their focus from traditional shopping to accommodate the surge in digitization. Link to article Source: Pymnts, 2020