Weekly Roundup 8.10 – 8.14

News | August 14th, 2020

📱🛍Facebook announced a new group within the company, Facebook Financial, to pursue payment and eCommerce opportunities. Facebook hopes users will spend additional time and money in apps like Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Link to article Source: PYMNTS, 2020

💻🔒Solus Connect and One-Tech formed a partnership to eradicate payment vulnerabilities and fight online fraud. The alliance will bolster tech security across a wide range of sectors. Link to article Source: The Paypers, 2020

🔒🏥Health information exchanges are invaluable to the functionality of hospitals and offer clinical information in ideal ways, however, experts believe there are security risks associated with these exchanges. Link to article Source: Healthcare IT News, Jercich, 2020

💰📈WalletFi has raised $85,000 in private debt offering for its subscription management platform which it sells to financial institutions and fintech companies. Since 2017, the company has raised $700,000 in debt. Link to article Source: WRAL Tech Wire, 2020

💰📈Auto Parts eCommerce projected revenue jumped from $14 billion to $16 billion due to the pandemic . This projection accounts for a 30% increase in consumer spending compared to 2019. By 2023, this sector can expect $22 billion in revenue. Link to article Source: Yahoo Finance, PR Newswire, 2020

📱🔒In an effort to secure the November election, a group of major tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft has formed and is in talks with government agencies. The group will work to discharge the possible meddling or foreign interference that caused so much controversy in 2016. Link to article Source: The Seattle Times, Isaac & Conger, 2020

🛒📈As eCommerce continues to dominate the retail market, there will undoubtedly be certain trends that take shape. Entrepreneur explores eight of these trends and what consumers can expect going forward. Link to article Source: Entrepreneur, Agyeman, 2020

📱💳Fintech start-up crted.ia introduced a new line of credit cards targeting banking newcomers and millenial/Gen Z Americans who may not have a strong credit score. The card will be open to all consumers starting early Fall. Link to article Source: CNBC, Costa, 2020

👥Being the leader during a crisis can be a daunting task, and at many times it is difficult to gauge employee morale and status. In this HCM piece, Human Resource Executive explores various ways employers can meet the needs of those they supervise. Link to article Source: Human Resource Executive, Ungerbock, 2020

💻🏥As a result of COVID-19, personalized care has taken the center stage as individuals are being treated not only when they are ill, but also when they are healthy. Additionally, there is a greater emphasis on repeated visits and check-ups during this time. Link to article Source: Healthcare IT News, Alessi, 2020