Weekly Roundup 8.3 – 8.7

News | August 7th, 2020

📱👥Human capital management has emerged as a prevalent and unique sector during this pandemic as employers deal with remote employee safety and morale. While important before, employee wellbeing has been thrust into the spotlight. Link to article Source: Corporate Secretary, Maiden, 2020

💻🛍Looking to dissolve the gap between consumer and seller, tech startup Yotpo has announced $75 million in funding. The company looks to help eCommerce businesses better connect with their customers through a suite of tools. Link to article Source: TechCrunch, Lunden, 2020

💻🔒Google and security firm ADT formed a $450 million partnership to enhance smart home security technology. The two firms will offer solutions that will “better protect and connect people to their homes and families.” Link to article Source: 9to5Google, Wilde, 2020

💰Paya, an integrated payments and commerce solution provider, has been acquired by FinTech Acquisition Corp. III, a SPAC. The deal values Paya at $1.3 billion. Link to article Source: Finextra, Paya, 2020

💻🛍eCommerce has exploded during the pandemic, greatly accelerating growth of many online stores. Check out the 5 ways eCommerce marketers have adapted their strategies to meet new demands. Link to article Source: Forbes, Sonsev, 2020

👥📈Human resource funding is expected to increase this year, with most of the funds expected to concentrate on technology. Many HR leaders are believers in reducing manual processes for employees via apps and portals. Link to article Source: HCM Technology Report, Feffer, 2020

💻🛒BigCommerce, which competes directly with Shopify, began trading on Wednesday and surged 292% over the course of the day. The company sold 9 million shares, raising $216 million. BigCommerce has a network of 60,000 customers across 120 countries. Link to article Source: Business Insider, Fox, 2020

📱🔒A group of tech giants including Microsoft, IBM, and Google have announced the creation of Open Source Security Foundation, a cross-industry alliance that will improve upon open-source software security. Link to article Source: ADTMag, Mackie, 2020

🖥🏥Telehealth surged in popularity recently due to the ongoing pandemic, but providers say there are a number of hurdles that must be overcome in order for the sector to reach its potential. Healthcare IT News goes over some of the specific ways telehealth can be refined. Link to article Source: Healthcare IT News, Jercich, 2020

💰As bank-Fintech relationships continue to grow, traditional financial institutions are looking to hop on the trend and work in tandem with Fintech partners. PYMNTS highlights some of the most recent collaborations. Link to article Source: PYMNTS, 2020