Who We Are

Clarity, Insight, Timing and Returns

We provide the clarity you need for maximum returns



We provide investors clarity into their private company portfolio



We develop comprehensive models and dashboards, highlighting the most meaningful KPIs for portfolio companies, and extract critical data with minimal disruption to portfolio CEOs and CFOs



We illuminate growth opportunities, uncover risks, and identify capital requirements for portfolio companies over the holding period



We determine optimal timing for a financing or liquidity event, then deploy our team of seasoned M&A experts to maximize returns through a refined process

Silicon Valley Leadership Team

Our leadership team has a combined experience of 80 years in private equity, financial reporting, and mergers & acquisitions. Capital Clarity’s elite finance professionals support financial sponsors and their portfolios with superior knowledge and actionable insight.

Our Approach to Maximize Returns


We know sell-side. And buy-side

We know how to create the data-driven financial analysis that strategic and financial buyers are going to look for during a process.


Management preparation

We prepare an unseasoned management team for the process ahead and help the team understand the buyer’s perspective during the sale process.


Data room preparation

Capital Clarity keeps a running checklist of data room readiness so focus areas are readily apparent when it’s time to prep for exit. We help your management team get the VDR up and running quickly and efficiently.



We clearly set valuation expectations by quantifying both current and future value creation opportunities.


Correct positioning

Capital Clarity is experienced in positioning companies to buyers and supporting the story by providing highly granular data –including historical views of performance and detailed forward forecasts.

Do you know how your portfolio companies are performing?

Capital Clarity utilizes its extensive experience and background in portfolio company operations and fund management to do a deep dive into your portfolio companies and measure performance against critical KPIs. We can show you warning signs before problems happen.

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